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Below, you will see where and how to access Daily Logs. You can even Comment on them which you will also see below.


White Oak Construction values transparency and communication between clients and Superintendents.

Stay up-to-date with all the progress in the "Daily Logs" folder under the Project Management tab in the top left corner.

Commenting on Daily Logs, is the best way to connect with us especially with questions and concerns about your project. This is also where you can share items you want addressed because during the course of the project somethings may not be able to be changed. 

Now, notice at the bottom of the Daily Log, you have the ability to add a comment. This function is able to be used across most sections of Buildertrend. This is useful to keep threads of certain conversations based around the specific Daily Log (or any other section of Buildertrend) that we are communicating about.


See detailed descriptions and photos from your superintendent and/or project manager of who was on the job site, what was accomplished and all other daily updates

Well Done!

Now that you know about Daily Logs! Let's check out the Comments tab to see how to keep open lines of communication on all aspects of your Project.

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