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{ Testimonials }

Contact us if you would like a list of references. We are happy for you to speak with all of our clients, our lending resources and a material suppliers. White Oak Construction is financially sound, we pay our bills on time, we keep overhead low and we manage each job ourselves. We are dedicated to our clients. White Oak Construction has a long reputation of honesty and quality. Read our testimonials to who we are and how we will serve you.


Here is what our clients had to say about their experience building with us...

As a retired Marine Colonel , and now working for the Florida Department of Children and Families, My family and I have conducted 25 home moves. On a Tallahassee house hunting trip In 2014 we were fortunate enough to meet our builder Jason Meadows (White Oak Construction). From day one till the house was completed the professionalism, knowledge of requirements and ability to guide us and ensure our needs were met was exceptional. Any question we had during the construction phase was handled promptly. The attention to detail from the outside of the home to every room inside was done meticulously. Even last minute changes were swiftly coordinated by Jason and Jamie. The attitude of all sub contractors was excellent- they all performed well. This by far was the best experience we have had in building a new home.

Robert Cohen 


We just closed on our beautiful new home built by White Oak Construction. Jason and Andrea were wonderful through the entire process. We were in Colorado and Jason would keep in touch and did everything he could to make our house into exactly what we wanted. We are of a certain age with back and neck issues and he went above and beyond to do what he could to help us. The quality of Jason's work is beyond compare. I have never seen better work and we are so proud of our new home. Thank you Jason and Andrea. (I call them the Chip and Joanna of Tallahassee!) You not only gave us our dream house, but you made the process a pleasure!

We are so thankful we found you!

Mike & Pat Anderson

We started the building process in early 2015 after purchasing a lot in Centerville Conservation. We have never built a house and the process could have been overwhelming had it not been for Jason and his recommended vendors. We moved into our house in July 2016 and cannot be happier. 

We have been in the house for almost 1 year and continue to be thankful that we selected Jason (White Oak Construction) due to the overall quality of house that was built.  As with any new house, we have had (extremely) minor issues that needed addressing. Jason responded immediately and resolved all of them in a timely and more than acceptable fashion. We appreciate his honesty and availability when needed and highly recommend him to anyone considering building a house. 

Brian and Deborah Donaldson

Centerville Conservation Residents 

Project Date: January 2016

We met Jason during the 2014 Tallahassee Parade of Homes. We had no intentions in building a new home, we just wanted to get decorating ideas. One thing led to another and we had Jason looking at property with us to give advice. We did not want to be a subdivision, so we knew we would have many environmental issues to conquer. After purchasing 15 acres' Jason work very close with us to get through the red tape to permit a new home build in Leon County (gopher tortious, retention water berms and environmental sensitive areas) Once we got through permitting the process was very smooth. I am pretty sure we were not the best of clients for Jason. This was our first home build and during the planning stage we made decisions on $$$ as most people do. We wore Jason out making change request during the building process to make sure we built the home we wanted. Jason was great during this process meeting with us and making changes on the fly. 

Jason and Jamie were great to work with. The whole process was very educational, I can say we would not hesitate to use White Oak Construction in the future (just not anytime soon since we just moved in to our new home) 

My family owes White Oak a big THANK YOU and will continue our friendship for many years!

Building a home can be daunting, and finding the right builder who can communicate effectively to ensure your dreams become a reality that can also deliver beyond your expectations in customer service and commitment to quality is probably not the easiest of tasks. We can say that White Oak Construction has met all those needs and we couldn't be happier with our experience! 

Our job has stayed on track and changes to the schedule have been minimal. They have been open to us bringing in our own vendors or contractors in some cases, which is not always the case when working with a builder. 

We like to know what is happening at any point in time and they are organized and keep us in the loop regarding the build schedule. We have always been able to reach our builder by email, text and telephone whenever we needed to with a question. 

We have been impressed with the entire experience and cannot wait to get into our new forever home, our dream home!

Dear Jason:



When we started construction on our new home, in December 2013, I have to admit I was apprehensive. I had talked with so many naysayers – people who tried to talk me out of building a custom home. People who told me to expect delays, annoyances and disgruntled sub-contractors. And when they learned I was building in Tallahassee, all the way from Atlanta – oh, wow! My mother-in-law practically begged me to move my family to Tallahassee so I could keep a closer watch on the building process, claiming I would need constant oversight to make sure construction was done right.


Jason, my experience with White Oak Construction could not be further from what those naysayers described. I have enjoyed every single minute of this project. So much so that I’m a bit nostalgic it’s coming to an end (although excited about finally moving to Tallahassee!).


From the very beginning – when you helped design our plan – I knew my home was a priority for you. I truly appreciate your constant availability to answer my questions – at 6 a.m., 11 p.m., and every hour in between. Even though I did not heed my mother-in-law’s advice and stayed in Atlanta, I never felt out of touch. You kept me informed and involved in every detail, big and small, and I thank you for that.


I enjoyed working with everyone on the job site. All the sub-contractors seemed happy to be there, happy to answer my questions and happy to offer creative solutions, even if it meant a bit more effort. It’s obvious you have taken care to develop a dynamic crew.

We will not build another home any time soon – 6319 Bird Dog Point is just perfect! – but if I can act as a reference or resource for you in the future, I would do so gladly.


Many, many thanks:

Kari Hilyer                   

Since it was our first time building a home, we were hesitant to say the least. Luckily, we made a solid decision when we chose White Oak Construction. Their professionalism, honesty and craftsmanship resulted in a seamless process and a beautiful home. Jason was always available and reliable with consistent communication. He explained each step and helped us make practical decisions. The sub-contractors that White Oak utilizes are also top notch. We were very pleased with the skillfullness and integrity of those who worked on site. We highly recommend White Oak Construction to anyone who wants the job done right. The experience, veracity and collaboration this team offers is unmatched in our opinion. Thank you! We truly love our new home!!


Jamie and Kerry Stafford

If anyone wants a builder who is honest beyond reproach, committed to a job done right, genuinely interested in the customer before, during and upon completion of a job, and knows his business, then Jason Meadows is the builder for you. It was during the 2011 Parade of Homes we first became acquainted with Jason and White Oak Construction. Upon entering a home built by Jason and his team we were awed by the incredible craftsmanship, the detail of the quality construction, and the friendliness of the builder and his wife, a real estate agent. This is when we first met Jason and his wife, Andrea.


What a team! No doubt, without Andrea’s kindness, her soft spoken and mild mannered demeanor, yet unrelenting persistence, we would not be living in this wonderful sub-division in Northeast Tallahassee. Without Jason’s expertise, his commitment to quality, his integrity and just being a heck of a nice guy, we would not be enjoying such a well-built, practically designed and beautiful home. Needless to say, we were impressed then, and continue to be impressed with them, not only professionally, but with their values in general, especially their family values.


The building process went smoothly. Jason made sure that were informed in each and every step of the process, that everything was built according to code, and that we were pleased with our home. We would recommend White Oak Construction, Inc. when building any home within the Tallahassee area, and we thank Jason and Andrea for guiding us through a process that could not have been more pleasurable. We can honestly say, THEY ARE THE BEST!


Mike and Diane James

Dear Jason,

We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new home. We actually enjoyed the home building process and always felt our concerns were top priority with you. You were always so nice and helpful with the multitude of questions we had during the process. Your suggestions and expertise helped us make good decisions and choices for top quality fixtures in our home. Mrs. Driver helped us make good design color selections. Having a person on staff that can help with design issues is such a nice feature of using White Oak Construction. All of the sub contractors that you use are so nice too and were also very helpful during the process. Thank you for allowing us a chance to do some of the work ourselves and save money. We are so happy with our new custom home and we owe you a big thank you for helping us make our dream home a reality. It is so beautiful and we sure do love it.



Monte and Sandra Chapman

From the moment we met with Jason and Walt, we knew White Oak would be the best fit for our family’s next home. Within a week of our first meeting, Jason and Andrea were able to find the perfect lot in a neighborhood we wanted to build. We took an existing White Oak floor plan and made changes so it was exactly the way we wanted it to be. Jason was able to make the modifications to give us the exact space and layout we envisioned. Ground broke in June 2011, and our hope was to be in by December 2011. Throughout the process, we were updated on a daily basis about the progress of our home. Urenda was instrumental in assisting with the décor aspects, and all of the businesses (from electrical to landscaping) White Oak uses are friendly and easy to work with. We were in our home well before Thanksgiving 2011, and we are thrilled with the quality and craftsmanship. We highly recommend White Oak Construction and thank them for creating a beautiful home for our family.


Angela and Michael Quiggins

When we decided to build a new house, it seemed like quite a daunting task. We met with several different builders but as soon as we talked to Jason, we knew White Oak was the builder for us. He made great suggestions, focused on our priorities, and was never too busy to answer questions. And we certainly had a lot of them! He made the whole process easy to understand and was truly interested in making sure we were happy. If an issue came up, he was quick to solve it. He let us be as involved as we wanted and we had a great time watching our new home being built by true professionals. Every one of his sub-contractors had the same dedication to the job as the White Oak team. All of the small details that were important to us became a priority for White Oak. As this was our first time building a home, we feel very fortunate to have found Jason and White Oak Construction. We would recommend them to anyone!

Thank you!


Gene and Michelle Jagers

In the summer of 2010, my family decided it would be fun to attend the Parade of Homes. Little did we know, this would lead to one of the best decisions we have ever made. We were not very impressed at our first few stops, but decided to keep looking anyway. When we pulled up to the White Oak Parade Home we just had a feeling. When we walked in to the house, we immediately noticed the quality of workmanship and the attention to detail that was apparent throughout the home and when we met Jason and Urenda we knew we had found our builder.


From that point on, we remained in constant contact with Jason throughout the entire building process, from pulling permits, to selecting finishes we were always kept in the loop. Whether by phone call, email, or text message Jason was always there to respond to any questions or concerns we had. Being a younger couple, we had little to no experience or knowledge in many of the issues that come up when building a home. Jason and Urenda worked with us, they educated us, gave us advice, and were always honest with us throughout the entire process. When we did not understand something or when we were not sure what the right decision to make was, Jason would provide us with information as well as advice from personal experience to help us make the right choice. We trusted White Oak Construction completely.


Building a home can be both stressful and complicated, but when you find the right builder it can actually be an enjoyable and very exciting time in your life. For us, it was one of the most thrilling experiences and it literally felt like Christmas Day every time we visited the site. In the beginning we asked if we would be in our home for the holidays and Jason said that he would do his absolute best to make that happen and he came through. Our house was completed ahead of schedule. We moved into our new home just in time to decorate for Christmas and to enjoy the holidays with our family. It was the best Christmas and New Year’s we have had as a family. We will always be thankful to Jason and the White Oak Construction team for giving us the Christmas present of a lifetime.


The Bloodworth Family

We've been in the new house for about a month now and we could not be happier. The process of getting here was enjoyable and there were no major hiccups. The project came in on budget and on schedule. As I reflect on the 6 months we spent with you on this project, I can see for certain that we chose the right contractor for the job. There are a whole bunch of things that made you stand out...


We appreciate your attention to detail and positive attitude. We appreciate how you selected and managed your subs; as everyone knows the subs make or break a project and each sub on this job was professional and thorough. We appreciate how flexible you were when we wanted to "tweek" things a bit (without increasing the budget of course!). We appreciate your help and support as we endeavored to get the house energy star certified and green certified. We appreciate you getting the most for our money from each vendor and subcontractor. I think mostly I appreciate that you let us get as involved as we wanted and assisted us graciously when we wanted to be a bit more hands-on than most clients. No, actually, the thing I appreciate most is that although I knew you had other projects going at the same time as ours we never felt like we didn't have your full attention and support.


We would be happy to recommend you as one of the top custom builders in the Tallahassee area.


With much gratitude for a job well-done,

Jennifer and Alan Rosenzweig

On Sunday, June 28, 2009, we received a call from the fire department informing us that our home had been destroyed by fire. At the time, we envisioned the house as being partially burned, but certainly in a condition we could repair. We could not imagine that the home we had cared for and loved had been completely destroyed.


If we could only imagine that from that point forward we would have to make some very difficult decisions, we would have been better prepared. We were blessed that we were not in the home at the time of the fire and also blessed that we had good insurance. With the help of State Farm Insurance, we could make the decision to build the house back or to move on. After many months of thought and prayer, the decision made was to build back. 


If we could only imagine we would have been better prepared for the emotions we would face with this decision. It was at this point that fear entered our lives. It was the fear of making the right choice and to choose who would build the house. Since moving to Tallahassee in 2001, we had always attended the Parade of Homes event each spring. So, we researched the past Parade of Homes brochures for builders. We selected five builders and blindly sent them e-mails describing our situation. All of them responded and we met with each. Other than one builder, they all offered a helping hand and advice and put no pressure on us. We knew that any of them would do a great job, but one builder stood out. That was White Oak Construction. 


They offered us something that was different from the others. White Oak Construction offered us a sense of peace about what we were doing and a chance to be a partner in the building process. They promised us they would walk with us and make the construction phase almost painless. You want to believe them, but in your mind you play out all of the construction nightmares and begin to think that there is no way they can be that honest.


If we could only imagine that there are people who live by their word, we would not have worried so much because honesty is what we got from them. They did what they said they would do. They led us through the process and never put any pressure on us to make one decision over another throughout the construction process. We knew from the beginning what it would take to build the house, and we did not have to waiver from this. When "glitches" or improvements came up, we always had time to think about the situation before we had to make a decision. In fact, we think they worried more about pleasing us than anything else. They let us know they were building my home, not just a house.


We asked for and received sound advice. When we could not decide on the color of the door knobs, Jason was there telling us that either choice would look good, but also telling us what he liked. We looked through what seemed to be hundreds of tiles before selecting the ones for the house. And then there was the trip to the granite warehouse with Urenda to pick out the perfect combinations of granite for the house. There were the suggestions from them on ways to make the best improvements to enhance the value and beauty of the house. We valued all of those opinions, but never felt any pressure to choose their ideas over mine.


As our house would become part of the 2010 Parade of Homes, it is easy to see that it was truly a shared experience between White Oak Construction and us. We had some distinct ideas about what we wanted the new house to look like, and they were able to fulfill these beyond my imagination. Most of all they were willing to work through some difficult times. They continued to stand by their promise. In the end, they built a house that was my home, not just a house to show.


Now we can imagine what it feels like to finally have my home back. Because of my positive experience, we can recommend White Oak Construction to anyone desiring to build a custom home or to someone who wants to remodel an existing home. They will work with you and share the experience with you.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Brenda Monk and Allison Monk

It was a pleasure doing business with White Oak Construction. The quality of the work done in the building of our new home by both White Oak and it’s sub-contractors was excellent. During the design phase, Walt and Jason offered very constructive suggestions -explaining options and always making sure that we were happy with the result. We found that White Oak’s ability to put sub-contractors in contact with us, in their presence, often led to changes in our plans that created a much better final product than what we had envisioned. Jason demonstrated great attention to detail, keeping in constant communication with us and making sure that our home was turning out the way we wanted it. We found that the choice of sub-contractors and materials used were top-notch and any concerns we had were dealt with immediately and always to our satisfaction.

Upon completion of our new home we were assured that any issues that arose concerning it, would be addressed promptly and that has proven to be true. When it is all said and done it comes down to a matter of trust. We found White Oak Construction to be a firm in whom we could place our trust and confidence. We highly recommend White Oak Construction to our friends and future neighbors.

We love our new home and are thankful we had the good fortune of doing business with such reputable people.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                John and Kate McCarthy

I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful home you built for me. I was so impressed by the superb workmanship and attention to detail in every aspect of the construction. People stopping by as the house was being framed commented, "If White Oak puts this much quality into a small home what must they do in a larger home?" I was also told, "A strong wind is never going to blow this roof off. The quality of work by all the subcontractors was excellent. White Oak Construction is truly interested in the customer having the house of their dreams. At the first meeting we discussed the house plan and I was asked "What's most important to you?" I can't believe I have all the things I most wanted. Thank you for really listening. Urenda, thank you for all your wonderful ideas and patience in helping me find "just the right blue" for my shutters. I was overwhelmed trying to select lights and paint. You just asked me what I would like and said, "That's Sea Salt". After over 15 years in the business you don't need a chart. White Oak Construction truly stands for integrity and the highest quality workmanship. I will be recommending White Oak to anyone building or remodeling a home.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Mary FT Martin

"Our experience with White Oak Construction was very professional. Our new home was completed before the proposed completion date, without sacrificing quality. The staff of White Oak Construction was very friendly and went above and beyond to ensure that we were satisfied and all concerns were addressed in a timely matter. Our house was built within budget and they were very clear with communicating our allowances. Quality work was provided at a fair cost. If we were to build again, without hesitation, our #1 choice would be White Oak Construction."

Jeffrey and Dionne Caines

I would and have recommended White Oak Construction to anyone building a home. We are so pleased with the quality of our home, the service that we received while building our home, and the service that we received after construction was completed. When we plan to build another home, we will, without a doubt, be using White Oak Construction again. This experience was so different than the first home we built with Turner Heritage Homes (which honestly made us not want to build ever again!). From the first time we met Jason, we felt that he was an honest and trustworthy person that we could work with together to build our family home.

I cannot compliment them enough, so here are some specifics.


Our house was completed on time. We signed a contract in April 2007 with the expectation to have the home completed by July 31, 2007. We were able to close on our new home on July 19th.


The home was completed within the agreed upon budget as detailed in our contract. During the build process, I did have some changes that I decided to make (i.e adding crown molding in additional rooms) that were previously not in our contract. Jason was always flexible to work with me. I never felt like I was being overcharged or taken advantage of. All the change requests that I asked for were a fair price, in fact, sometimes I was even surprised because I expected the costs to be higher.


Jason was always professional. We kept an open line of communication and spoke with each other frequently on the phone, via email, or meeting at the home site to get updates on the progress of the house. Jason always asked us for feedback to make sure that things were completed to our satisfaction. Jason was also flexible to work around our work schedules and meet us in evenings or on weekends when we were unable to meet him during the week.


If something was not right, they would make it right.


We have also been pleased with the subcontractors used by White Oak. They have been both professional and easy to work during construction and for the items that we needed repaired after we moved in. Through our build process, we came to know and trust Jason as a friend that we even gave him a key to the house to finish up some of those remaining punch list items while we were at work. He made that extra effort to work with us to ensure that we were not inconvenienced in any way. I remember one time he even met me at the mall to pick up a house key, this was after we moved into the house. How many builders would do that for you?


White Oak used quality products in our home (i.e. brand of paint, type of A/C unit, custom cabinets, crown molding, framing of the windows). They did a fabulous job on the custom cabinets, wood floors, and crown molding. I was VERY picky about every little detail in our house, including door knobs, hardware for the cabinets, even the door stops! Jason worked with me when I found cabinet knobs at Home Depot that I wanted to use instead of using from the 'standard' selection. Little things like that meant a big deal to us.


After moving in, White Oak was still very responsive any time I called with a question or issue. He even came out on Saturday's a few times to take care of some things.


White Oak Construction will build you a beautiful home and provide excellent service during and after construction. Again, I can't say enough that we feel we got exactly what we wanted and then some. After a year and a half of living in the home, my husband and I still walk around the house and say to each other "I love this house. It is such a beautiful home."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Daniela and Randy Lee

We moved in to our new home built by White Oak Construction in June. We are very pleased with the house, especially the “fit and finish” and woodwork which is important to us. The quality and craftsmanship are superior. The detail in the crown and base moldings, cabinetry, floors and ceilings are remarkable. They are noticed by all our guests.


Prior to selecting White Oak Construction, we visited other homes they built and were impressed with the quality of their work. They lived up to our every expectation when they built ours.


Jason, Walt and Urenda were wonderful during the building process. They are well experienced, have great taste and are able to make excellent recommendations. They are easily accessible and very responsive.


We had many special requests during construction that were all priced fairly and completed as promised, on time. They were able to build ahead of schedule (with no cost overruns) to accommodate us.


Attention to detail was better than we expected and the few adjustments that have been necessary since construction were responded to well and completed promptly.


White Oak Construction is a family business that has really helped our family. They have become friends. Please feel free to show our home to any prospective client.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Thank you,
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Beth & Mike Dumais
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Proud White Oak home owners

We have been very pleased with White Oak Construction. Not only was our home beautifully designed and well built, but White Oak’s attention to detail was impressive. They stayed on time and on budget and were more than willing to develop solutions to new ideas or changes we wanted to implement. Everyone we worked with at White Oak was professional and attentive, and we felt like our house was the only home they were building at the time. We know that wasn’t true, but the personal service we received is practically unheard of these days. 

Dr. Josh and Megan Fuhrmeister

We would like to take a moment and tell you how much we have appreciated the craftsmanship and design of our new home! We just celebrated out first anniversary in our new home and have had so many wonderful comments that we thought we would take a moment to tell you Thank-YOU!


We thought we were lucky when we found the perfect house for us last year and the fact that it was brand-new made it even better. But we didn’t realize how lucky we were that the construction company that built the house had taken such care with the details to make it right. After our offer was accepted we discovered the construction company was White Oak when you come to put the final touches on the house. Several friends and family have commented on how nice the house is and the attention to detail unbelievable. We couldn’t have picked the colors and trim better if we had done it ourselves!


Thanks again for taking pride in your work!

Jimmy & Debora Wallace

I have had my home built by White Oak Construction in 2006. I have selected them based on a referral from a friend and their reputation for providing quality work. We found them to be very professional, detail oriented and easily accessible. The house was completed on-time and within the budget and we moved into the house in January 2007. Their sub-contractors met my expectations. If you have any questions please contact me.

Reddy Ojili

Our home was completed ahead of schedule and is more beautiful than I even imagined it would be. Everyone who sees it stops in their tracks and looks around. We have had comments like awesome and gorgeous, at all the special details which make it unique. We have had electricians, plumbers, and various others comment on the use of space and the layout being the most efficient design they have seen during their careers.


My new home came in under budget with all the care and attention to detail as if I had built it myself. I am a perfectionist and my home is absolutely perfect. I love it.


Working with Jason Meadows was a pleasure. He was always willing to work with us on changes we came up with during construction. He had the living room ceiling treys done three times to achieve what we wanted. He always maintained a pleasant and corporative attitude.


Every time we had a question Jason worked with us to come up with a solution which made us very happy.


We researched and talked to many builders to find Jason Meadows. We talked to builders, brick companies, lighting stores, electricians, and many others and Jason Meadows and White Oak Construction was the only company not one single person had some bad story about. It was a pleasure.

Thank you Jason, I mean every word.

Diane Barber

When we decided to build our custom home in Centerville Conservation, we knew that you would be our first choice as a contractor.  Your attention to detail during the design process and the quality of your work during construction convinced us that we made the right decision.


We were impressed with the overall creativity and craftmanship that went into every large and small detail during the building process.  This difference is obvious in the quality of the finished product.  Throughout the whole experience, your suggestions and ideas helped us make our home exactly what we wanted.   Through regular communication you kept us informed of progress and your concern with even minor details shows in every aspect.  


We were completely impressed and amazed how neat and organized the areas were kept at all times throughout the building process.  Every trade that worked on our home did an excellent job and were always courteous and professional.  All the workers were prompt and beyond capable.  All of the trades complemented each other and worked as a team to assure things were done in a timely manner, this could not have been possible without your management skills.  


It is rare that you find a builder that is so focused on honesty and integrity.  This was exemplified during the entire construction process.  Toward the end of the project you pushed hard to meet the deadline for us to move in.  We know this did not prove easy, but you pushed forward and made it happen.  


We cannot recommend White Oak Construction highly enough to those that may be looking for someone to build the home of their dreams.  Please know that you may refer any potential clients to us as a reference moving forward.  We would be happy to share our pleasant experience with them.  

The Lee Family

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