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  1. Where do I find Land?

  A: If we dont have the lot you desire, we can assist with finding one.  We have a realtor on our team that can seek properties that match your criteria and walk you through the purchase.

  2. Can I build on my property?

  A: Absolutely

  3. Who can tell me if I can build on my property?

  A: You'll want to obtain written approval from the planning commission or commissioner in your municipality to ensure you are good to go. The best place to find this information is typically your town's city hall or mayor's office, department of housing, or other local government office.

  4. Where do I find plans?

  A: Many options which include but are not limited to:

    ~ Contact your realtor

    ~ Contact our architect or contractor

    ~ Check other sources for information​, websites and more!

  5. Who draws custom plans?

  A: We partner with plans designers and can help you.

  6. What does PCA stand for?
  A: Preliminary Construction Agreement.

  7. What is Buildertrend? What is in it for me?
  A: Buildertrend is the leading construction project management software for home builders, remodelers and contractors. What is in it for me? Well, With Buildertrend features such as the Schedule, in-platform communication and the convenient mobile app, builders can stay organized, keep you informed with regular updates and move more projects forward while they’re on the go. Also, contractors and their teams upload daily progress reports, project photos and important documents.

  8. What is a Change Order?
  A: A written agreement signed by owner and contractor for ANY changes to the contract.  (contact sum and time adjusted accordingly)

  9. What is an Additional Work Authorization?
  A: Synonymous with change order

  10. What is the best way to communicate during Pre-Construction?
  A: Builder-trend comments tool is most efficient. There will be scheduled calls and focused meetings which will be set accordingly

  11. What is the best way to communicate during Construction?
  A: Buildertrend comments tool gets your question immediately to the right person.

  12. Where can I leave comments?
  A: Daily Logs and To-dos, we will be notified and will respond as soon as possible. This is more effective than emails or texts. 

  13. When are selections due?
  A: Preferably before Construction for the smoothest experience.

  14. Are additional work orders required?
  A: No, fewer changes will equal smoother process.

  15. What does ICP stand for?
  AInitial Cash Payment.

  16. What is a full takeoff?
  A: A deep dive into your plans to calculate quantity of materials and labor estimate to complete your job.

  17. What is Builder Ready Set of Plans?
  A: Your plans are ready to permit and move forward with Construction. 

  18. What does ARC stand for?
  A:  Architectural Review Committee.

  19. What does ACC stand for?
  A:  Architectural Control Committee.

  20. What is a Punch List?
  A: A single document list containing any and all items that contractor and owner agree to be done to fullfill the conditions of the contract 

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